Webinar – Planning & Leading Collective Worship

This is free of charge to schools signing up to the Partnership Agreement and £25 for other schools.

The webinar is led by Debbie Yeomans who is a Leading RE Teacher for the DBE and the Collective Worship lead at St Margaret’s Primary School in Stoke Golding.  

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Collective Worship briefings

Once a term, the DBE will lead a free CW briefing to introduce themes and topics to discuss in breakout rooms and teachers and leaders from schools will share their experiences. This is to create a collaborative space for Collective Worship and to ensure all schools feel supported. The topics that will be explored in each briefing are listed below. Collective Worship leading teachers will then lead one local networking each term to share ideas and resources in a smaller group, with schools that are in the same Minster community locations. Leading teachers will feedback to the DBE and share resources from their local group, so they can be shared for everyone on the DBE website. The resources and leading teacher information can be found here

Autumn term, DBE led briefing on planning and delivering CW

  • 20th September 2023, 4-5pm

Autumn term local network – TBC by CW leading teachers

Spring term, DBE led briefing on monitoring and evaluating CW

  • 17th January 2024, 4-5pm

Spring term local network – TBC by CW leading teachers

Summer term, DBE led briefing on pupil led CW

  • 15th April 2024, 4-5pm

Summer term local network -TBC by CW leading teachers