The new SACRE Agreed Syllabus was launched via virtual conference on 24th September.  

You can access an overview of the Agreed Syllabus HERE


Event Recording

Fee: £50  

Request access to the recording of the launch event in January, if you did not attend the September or January events

If you are not a Leicestershire school but would like to use the Agreed Syllabus there is an additional fee payable of £55 for the licence for the syllabus.

Follow up Support Events:

Monday 21st February 2022, 1.30pm – 4.30pm, online, led by Fiona Moss (primary) and her colleague Stephen Pett (secondary) from RE Today
Fee: £25
Thursday 30th June 2022, 4pm – 6pm, online, informal session for queries and questions, led by Fiona Moss.
Fee: FOC
Local NATRE Groups, various dates, details of a group near you are listed HERE
Fee: FOC

Did you attend the launch on 24th September 2021 or 27th January 2022?

Click on the link below to access the resources.  The password for access to this webpage was emailed on 16th September and 27th September to the email address given on your booking form.