Below is an overview of the training available this year to support you in being clear on the expectations of the Section 48, Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).  Do take a look at the other SIAMS page HERE which contains lots of supporting resources and updates on the inspection process from Autumn 2021 onwards.

Recorded Webinar – SIAMS Briefing

Governors and/or senior leaders are invited to watch this webinar. Please email if you have any questions or points for discussion in regards to the content of the webinar. 

SIAMS Networking Group 

This networking allows staff to dive into aspects of the SIAMS framework. There will be presentations from senior leaders, RE advisors and/or SIAMS inspectors, as well as use of breakout rooms so that you can network with other schools about how best to move forward in a particular area of what it means to be a Church School. It is suggested that the networking below is accessed when you have already accessed training on the new framework (see above) and have identified specific areas that you would like to work on as a school. Please note that both sessions for each inspection question are the same. Two have been offered to allow staff to choose a time which is better for them.

Fee: £40 / £80 (per session, per school)

Bundle fee (all networking sessions): £200 / £400