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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development​

This page of our website provides information and links to resources which support church schools in many elements of their SMSC provision.  

Valuing All God's Children (VAGC)

In 2017 (updated in 2019) the CofE Education Office produced guidance for CofE schools to prevent homophobic, piphobic and transphobic bullying. 

Relationship, Sex & Health Education

A fantastic website “Goodness and Mercy” has been created by Katy Staples of Bristol Diocese which has free resources of a superb quality. Goodness & Mercy Free resources for RSHE in CofE schools.


The DfE’s website contains some updated FAQs which is also very useful. 

LDBE have captured their responses to some questions that were being asked by schools and The Church of England Education office has created a range of resources to support the introduction of RSHE in schools.


Many schools – governors, leaders and staff – have recently reflected on Racial Justice, in particular the Black Lives Matter movement during 2020 and asked what their response should be. This guidance aims to support discussion and reflection and give some practical ideas which may be appropriate to apply in your school context.

Exploring Children's Spirituality

A recorded webinar is available to support schools in exploring ow they develop children’s spirituality.  This webinar is by Liz Mills, a diocesan Leading RE Teacher and contribtor to the CofE Education Office’s resource ‘ Spiritual Development: Interpretations of spiritual development in the classroom.