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Admissions & Appeals

Here you will find important information to support and guide you through the admission and appeals processes.

Admission Arrangements

 As an Admissions Authority, the Governing Body of a VA School or the Trust Board of an Academy has the responsibility to agree and set appropriate Admissions Criteria and to then ensure that this criteria is properly and fairly administered.

Here you will find further information on admissions including key dates:

The DBE has also provided guidance for our VA Schools and Academies, in line with the DBE Vision:

DBE Appeals Service

The Leicester Diocesan Board of Education provides an independent, professional Schools Appeals Service dedicated to ensuring that all admission appeal hearings are heard fairly, equally and within the law. 

Parents should check with their school whether they use our Appeals Service before completing the form. 

For IN YEAR appeals, provisional dates of hearings are as follows:

  • 16 September 2021
  • 14 October 2021
  • 12 November 2021
  • 10 December 2021
  • 13 January 2022
  • 11 February 2022
  • 17 March 2022
  • 28 April 2021

First time appeals dates

  • 26 May 2022
  • 13 June 2022
  • 16 June 2022 
  • 20 June 2022 
  • 21 June 2022 
  • 30 June 2022 

Any late appeals will be heard on the above dates where possible.