This programme is essential for all new teachers, whether starting a teaching career in a CofE school or community school. The recent OFSTED RE research report and the ECT framework are clear on the essential nature of subject knowledge CPD. RE is often a subject that teachers feel less confident teaching and this 2-year rolling programme of CPD will improve both RE subject knowledge and confidence. There is also the opportunity to complete gap tasks for a short self-study course through Teach RE.

Year A (2021-2022):

Why RE? Thursday 18th November 3pm – 6pm

  • A rationale for RE.
  • Why is this important subject on the curriculum so misunderstood?
  • What is your worldview?
  • What are the pupils’ worldviews?
  • How is RE taught locally?
  • Ideas and pedagogy to support you as you begin to teach RE.

Subject Knowledge: Teaching Islam and Christianity, Thursday 28th April 3pm – 6pm

  • What do pupils need to know by the end of Primary school about these religions.
  • What resources are available to support your teaching?
  • Strategies to support you to teach about key Christian and Islamic concepts in the primary school.

Year B (2022-2023):

The intent of the RE curriculum (Date tbc 22-23)

  • What is the intent of RE in the curriculum? In your school?
  • What are effective teaching and learning strategies to implement RE in my primary classroom?

Subject knowledge in RE/Religion and worldviews (Date tbc 22-23)

  • This session will explore different religion and worldviews taught in primary RE as well as looking at the effect our own biases can have on our teaching.
  • What do you need to know about different religions and worldviews to teach in the primary classroom? With a focus on Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and non- religious worldviews this session will improve subject knowledge and share knowledge rich teaching and learning strategies.

Fee* per year: £40 / £120 (per school not per attendee)

ECT’s are also encouraged to access the following recorded webinars:

  • What does it mean to work in a CofE school, optional follow up Q&A – 17th January 4pm – 5.00pm
  • Exploring Children’s Spirituality, optional follow up Q&A – tbc

Links to these will be available in first part of the autumn term. 

*Lower fee is for schools that sign up to the DBE Partnership Agreement

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