This programme is essential for all trainee teachers, whether starting a teaching career in a CofE school or community school. The recent OFSTED RE research report is clear on the essential nature of subject knowledge CPD and these events will support trainees to gain that knowledge.

RE- What? Why? How? Tuesday 8th November 2022, 4pm – 5.30pm

An introduction to this essential curriculum subject, its purpose and how to teach it.  Is there a neutral standpoint?


Subject Knowledge: Teaching About Religious and Non-Religious World Views, Wednesday 1st March 2023, 4pm – 5.30pm
Knowledge is one of the key words in education currently. This session will introduce you to some key information about a variety of religions and worldviews and share some teaching and learning strategies to use with pupils.


RE and other curriculum aspects: Collective worship, British values, Cultural capital and SMSC, Tuesday 9th May 4pm – 5.30pm
What have you taught this year? How did it go?
What is the difference and similarities between RE and other aspects of the curriculum. Should RE differ in community schools and Church schools?

Fee* : £30 / £90 (all sessions and per school)

ITT’s are also encouraged to access the following recorded webinar:

  • What does it mean to work in a CofE school

Links to these will be available in first part of the autumn term. 

Fee for webinars: £0/25 each

*Lower fee is for schools that sign up to the DBE Partnership Agreement 

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