A Day Conference of high quality experiences for Year 2 Pupils

Same and Different: Community, values and respect

18th March 2021 

Price per school: £80 for Partnership Subscribers / £120 other schools

For many years we have run a Children’s conference for KS2 this year we are running a special day for 6-7 year old pupils in Year 2. This is going to be a virtual day- pupils will meet with other virtually and a whole class of pupils or indeed or all your Year 2’s can join in the day.

Throughout the world, many people practice different religions. As our world becomes more global and diverse, it is important to respect each other and how similar and different people are.  At this one day virtual Children’s Conference with Lat Blaylock and Fiona Moss from RE Today, schools from across Leicester and Leicestershire will come together through the internet for an active and inspiring day to look at community, belonging and similarity and difference. A series of strategies will be encountered for pupils and teachers to replicate and adapt to use with other pupils in school

The aims of this virtual conference are:

  • To encourage pupils to learn from each other through dialogue and shared experience
  • To improve knowledge and understanding of the celebrations and beliefs of different religions
  • To develop pupils’ creative and expressive talents
  • To learn about community, belonging, similarity and difference

As this day is being run virtually there will be a meeting on 24th February at 3.45pm – 5.00pm for all participating teachers to explain how the day will work and what resources are required.