Each term Angela Hill from RE today will host a virtual meeting for anyone will a responsibility for teaching RS in a secondary school setting.  These sessions are suitable for CofE schools and community schools.  During the first session the content for the other session will be agreed with the group. 

1st November 2022 

Ways with words: Peaceful and purposeful discussion in secondary RE

  • Discussion of current issues
  • Establishing a safe space for discussion of contested issues in the RE classroom
  • Q and A plenary – open discussion of issues as a professional community. 

9th February 2023 

Assessment in Secondary RE

  • Discussion of ways in which teachers are assessing pupils in secondary RE, and current plans for developing assessment in their current contexts
  • Present current thinking, e.g. from Ofsted around assessment in secondary RE
  • Practical ideas for effective assessment in Key Stage 3 RE (Key Stage 4 is usually according to external qualification criteria

28th June 2023 

Training focus to be chosen by teachers from the following areas they have expressed interest in:

  1. Engaging and Challenging Pupils in RE. Discussion of current practice and aspects that teachers would like to see improving. 5 practical ideas for engaging and challenging learners and leading them to deeper thinking
  2. Key Stage 3 Subject Knowledge – Hinduism and/or Sikhism
  3. Deepening Understanding of Christianity/Christian worldviews – Perhaps exploring a sociological approach to Christianity. Christian worldviews for example  activism/taking a stand, green issues. 

Fee* per session: £40 / £85 

*Lower fee is for schools that sign up to the DBE Partnership Agreement

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