Personality – how it impacts on your energy, resilience and leadership

4th March 2022, 10.00am – 1.30pm (at St Martin’s House )

This session incorporates the Myers Brigg (Personality) Type Indicator.  You will consider the impact your personality has on how you lead, how you interact with your team and how you sustain your energy.   Through this session you will:

  • Assess and understand your personal preferences, as interpreted by the MBTI instrument

  • Gain an understanding about how different ways of working can impact the effectiveness of your leadership role

  • Consider how difference among people can be both a source of stress and a force for creativity

  • Consider the impact of your MBTI preferences on your resilience and relationships with colleagues 

  • Identify next steps for development

This workshop is led by Yolanda Morley-McKay who has led these sessions in the education sector for over 15 years. 

Fee*: £75/ £125 (if we have to change to online the fee will be £50 / £100)

*Lower fee is for schools that sign up to the DBE Partnership Agreement

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