For the past nine years I have been working in a small village C of E Primary School as teacher of a mixed class of reception, year one, two and this year also year three. I also teach RE to a year five and six class. I am the RE and collective worship Coordinator and also have responsibility for PSHE and music. As part of my BEd course I studied Religious Studies as my main subject.

Career Experience

I have taught in a number of different counties during my career, Hertfordshire, Cornwall & now Leicestershire which has given me some insight into variations in different curriculums.
I have been the RE coordinator in most of the schools that I have worked during my career and have had to think through how to give children experience of a number of religions whilst living in a more remote areas.
As part of my role as mentor of SCITT students I have led a training session for students on RE for the Nottingham SCITT. I have attended much of the Leicestershire RE training over the last five years as well this year attending the National Conference in London.
I lead the NW Leicestershire Network meeting and as part of this role have supported individuals who have needed advice or support into leading RE in their school. This has mainly been by meeting one to one or by inviting them observe RE teaching within my school.

Specialist Expertise

I have experience of teaching RE in a small school, where mixed age planning is needed and have taught for most of my career in reception and KS1. Also I have worked with the head teacher to prepare for our SIAMs inspection and ensure that our school has a Christian ethos. I have also been leading reflective RE days in school based around different Christian values. At Present I am developing the use of the Understanding Christianity resources within school and ensuring that pupils have an understanding of the big story of the bible.